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We know you’re not just investing in fire protection, but peace of mind for years to come. Our pioneering products are trusted in highly regulated markets where fire safety is paramount, protecting people, property, and the environment, every single day.


Lithium-ion fire extinguisher

When lithium-ion batteries burn, they do so ferociously. The energy stored within the battery converts to heat, making it impossible to smother even the smallest of flames with a standard extinguisher.

Our purpose-built lithium-ion battery fire extinguisher uses an advanced liquid with a low surface tension. It rapidly penetrates the burning material to cool the battery below its ignition temperature, extinguishing the fire both in the battery and the appliance.

Where to use it:
  • Batteries

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • Mobile phone

  • Cameras

  • Power tool battery packs

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Fire blankets

Isolate a fire, fast. Our range of innovative fire blankets are the simplest, safest, and most efficient way to contain flames, smoke, and toxic fumes in seconds.


Intuitive design can be used by anyone.


No toxic fumes or risk of groundwater contamination.


Reuse up to 30 times.

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Forklift fire blankets
Car fire blankets
Lithium-ion fire blankets

Forklift fires cause damage and downtime. The smoke alone can ruin valuable stock and equipment.

Car fires are toxic and dangerous, especially if they ignite in a petrol station, road tunnel, or passenger ferry.

Lithium battery fires don’t respond to traditional fire extinguishers, making even the smallest fires extremely dangerous.

Our advanced blankets are designed to starve forklift fires of oxygen, rapidly extinguishing hazardous flames. They also work effectively on other small vehicles and machinery, including those powered by lithium-ion.

Our large-scale blankets smother the flames in seconds and extinguish them in minutes. It’s the only solution that can effectively handle electric car fires until a trained fire fighter can flood the car’s battery with water.

Our lithium-ion fire blanket will safely isolate a burning lithium battery for hours, until it can be flooded and extinguished by a professional.

Where to use it:




Logistics & transport

Factories & manufacturers

Where to use it:

Car parks

Petrol stations


Charging stations


Towing services

Road tunnels

Where to use it:

Auto repair & other workshops

Car manufacturers

Recycling solutions

Battery manufacturers


Lithium-ion fire and smoke containment bags

Lithium-ion batteries are now commonplace in most electronics, giving rise to fire risk. That’s because lithium reacts with many standard extinguishing agents, including water, rendering them useless.

Our NASA-approved lithium-ion containment bags are proven to contain a violent fire and explosion from a fully charged 20,000mAh pack c – five times more powerful than a standard laptop battery.

Manufactured with reinforced closures and heavy-duty materials, our revolutionary bags are trusted in the most critical environments.

Where to use:
  • Airports

  • Military & government

  • Battery manufacturers

  • First responders & medical industry


Halon alternative

When halon is no longer an option, you need an alternative extinguishing agent. One that performs when you need it to without having a detrimental impact on the ozone layer.

By 2025, regulation states that halon extinguishers will cease on all large aircraft in certain authorities. Our solution? The smallest and lightest, halon-free cabin fire extinguisher available, fully FAA and EASA Certified.

  • Drop-in replacement – using the existing attachment points of a typical halon extinguisher

  • Easy, one-hand handling – one control lever, no hose

  • Crew training completed in time before regulation change

  • Non rechargeable with a lifetime of 12 years

For the latest product information, including updated maintenance manuals and safety data sheets, click here.


Military – clean agent fire extinguisher

Replacing the military’s halon extinguishers with an equally compact, lightweight but cleaner product is no easy feat. Created specifically for combat vehicles on the battlefield, our high performance unit has been rigorously tested in extreme scenarios before been approved for military use.

  • Environmentally clean agent – zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

  • Lightweight with easy, one-hand handling – even when wearing CBRN gloves.

  • Safety pin with seal – easy to spot when broken or tampered with.

  • Quick-release latch for fast response.

  • Simple pressure gauge to show extinguisher readiness.


Police – clean agent fire extinguisher

For the Police, halon extinguishers set the benchmark for lightweight performance when fighting fires, especially those fuelled by an accelerant. But with the phase-out of halon came our cleaner alternative. Developed specifically for use in public order scenarios, our lightweight, high performance extinguisher safeguards the Police, public and property from fires started using flammable liquids or petrol bombs.

  • Environmentally clean agent – zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

  • Easy, one-hand handling – one control lever, no hose.

  • Safety pin with seal – easy to spot when broken or tampered with.

  • Lightweight and compact, with belt holder available for comfortable carrying.

  • Simple pressure gauge to show extinguisher readiness.


Halotron BrX Extinguisher

Halotron BrX is a high performance, clean extinguishing agent with a high boiling point of 34°c, meaning it can be sprayed from extended distances without turning gaseous.

It contains chemically active bromine, which is a highly efficient element, meaning only a small amount is needed to fight a fire. This also allows for Halotron BrX extinguishers to be lighter in weight, and therefore a widely accepted piece of equipment for use in aviation.

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