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American Pacific manufacture Halotron BrX for use in the Umlaut halon-free fire extinguisher.

Halotron BrX is a high-performance, clean extinguishing agent designed for applications where efficient firefighting performance is critical.

Extinguish has partnered with American Pacific to provide Halotron BrX technical and commercial assistance for European customers.

ANAF is the European leader in the design, production and distribution of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers for firefighting, automotive and marine applications.

ANAF and Extinguish have enjoyed a collaborative partnership for many years, on many different projects.

Bridgehill utilise cutting-edge technology to develop and market a range of fire blankets for car fires, house fires and wildfires.

These fire blankets are increasingly recognised as a key tool in the successful containment of fires involving lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicles.

Extinguish are an authorised reseller of Bridgehill blankets in the UK and Ireland.

Brimstone fire protection serves a very specific gap in the market for managing the risks associated with lithium-ion battery fires.

Brimstone containment bags have been selected by an impressive list of customers, including NASA on their International Space Station.

Extinguish are an authorised reseller of Brimstone products across Europe.

Proponent is the world’s largest independent aerospace distribution company, supporting over 500,000 aircraft parts. They are the official distributors of the Umlaut halon-free fire extinguisher for aviation.

Umlaut (formally P3) and Extinguish have collaborated on multiple projects in aviation fire safety. The most significant achievement to date is realising the certification and commercialisation of the smallest and lightest halon-free fire extinguisher for onboard aviation applications.

Today, nearly all major airline OEMs and over 160 airlines have installed the product onboard commercial aircraft. In 2017, Airbus awarded the halon-free extinguisher an Innovation Award ahead of over 10,000 entries.

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