who are we?

Established in 2016, Extinguish Ltd offers product design and innovation consultancy to the Fire Protection Industry. The company was formed to pioneer the development of firefighting equipment and separate new product innovation from the day-to-day operations of our extinguisher supply and maintenance partner Firemark Ltd.

Collectively, we have a rich history in fire safety with a number of successful product developments completed on behalf of blue chip clients and public sector organisations.


We specialise in the ideation and commercialisation of pioneering fire protection products that target performance and environmental issues faced throughout the fire safety sector.

With over 45 years’ experience in extinguisher design, development and manufacture, we have a broad understanding of fire safety and what it takes to bring innovative new products to market.

WHAT breakthroughs
have we made?

Developments and advancements in fire protection technology don’t come along too often but we’ve set about changing that. We’re working on a number of environmental, functional and performance improvements within fire protection, ranging from environmentally-friendly extinguisher agents to compact and discreet firefighting products. We’re probably best known for the design and development of environmentally-friendly Halon alternative extinguishers. In a number of critical applications we’ve replaced these highly effective lightweight extinguishers with sustainable high-performance alternatives.


Our full mix consultancy service spans from ideation to commercial supply, which means we can help with anything from improving the design of existing fire protection products to the creation, development and manufacture of pioneering new ones. Our work often involves co-operation with trusted manufacturing partners and compliance and testing authorities, as well as approved suppliers for highly regulated applications. It’s this broad understanding of manufacturing and performance standards that allows us to deliver fire protection products in line with stringent test protocol to ensure that your journey from concept to commercialisation is seamless and successful.


With a number of significant breakthroughs in recent years and the latest high performance products approved and certified for use in highly sensitive applications, our clients include:

UK Police

Commercial Airlines

UK Ministry of Defence

Global Aviation Brands

Petrochemical Blue Chips

sound interesting?

Whether you’re interested in one of our existing products, you’ve got an exciting new development or you’re looking for somebody to help improve your current fire protection solution, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact Stephen Ward, Managing Director, on:
T: 01278 727 460
T: stephen@extinguish-ltd.com